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Leasing vs. Financing a Business Vehicle: Tax, CCA, and Electric Vehicles

  Choosing between leasing and financing a business vehicle can be a challenging decision for entrepreneurs and small business owners. […]

Unraveling the Impact of Canada’s Underground Economy on Taxes

The Canadian underground economy, often hidden from plain sight, has a considerable and lasting impact on the tax system and […]

Accounting for Construction Businesses: Do’s and Don’ts

Construction businesses require efficient and accurate accounting practices to ensure financial success. In this blog, we will discuss some dos […]

Reporting Income & HST Rules for Canadian Self-Employed or Corporations Providing Services Outside Canada

Hello everyone! In this post, I’ll be breaking down the process of reporting income and understanding HST rules for Canadian […]

Streamline Your Business with Cloud Accounting

In today’s business world, cloud accounting has revolutionized the way small businesses handle financial accounting operations. MiAccounting is a team […]

Managing Unwanted Subscriptions

In today’s digital world, subscription services have become increasingly popular, offering convenience and ease. From streaming services to meal delivery […]

Running a Successful Restaurant

Running a successful restaurant is not only about serving great food, but also about having a solid understanding of accounting […]

10 Crucial tips for Canadian E-Commerce Companies

The pandemic has drastically accelerated the shift towards digitization in every aspect of our lives, including shopping. The e-commerce sector […]

Why Canadian Nonprofits Should Consider Outsourcing Their Accounting

Nonprofits play a critical role in Canadian society, helping to address some of the most pressing issues affecting the country’s […]